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Guess where we all live by RosyAristocracy Guess where we all live :iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 2 3
It's funny how it's only
when you're sick to your stomach
that the words start flowing
from your mind like acid
pouring up from your throat
from that sack in your body
it's not a basic concept, words
though they feel as though they should be
words feel
like you feel and I feel and we feel for them, with them, from them
those perfect little conjugations of life
but they're not really wonderful at all
those evasive little bastards--
it's always the little ones--
that sear at your tongue like acid
crowding together in the recesses of your mind
bumbling, building, each impatiently waiting for their chance at distinction
and in that instant when you seek them
they're gone
those little poltergeists
creeping in your periphery
because they're always right there, haunting
wondering why it is
that you don't want to use them.
:iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 1 0
Sometimes I find
I have
a distaste for everything
except my tea
and so
I drown myself in words
and scents:
:iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 1 0
The Song of Beau the Poodle
The month begins and you're pristine:
delicately, through the house, walking
and as you go you
prancey prance
and your little black padded paws go
patta patta
and your perfect snowball pom-pom tail goes
swish swish
with every
patta patta
patta patta
you take.
And you're like a cotton ball full of energy
and at midnight you're hyper and you go
zoom zoom
around the house
up and down
the stairs you go
And we want to sleep
but you don't--
for you spent the day away curled up
in wonderland like a cotton ball
(we can never find you in your bed, you know
you blend in perfectly so)--
And we want to sleep but you don't
because in this land you're the prince
and your rulings always go
sans remonstration.
But you rule with a kind fist
always leaving presents
outside the doors of loyal subjects
and so we toil in serfdom
tied to serve you as you wish
but we don't mind because
you don't have to be kind, because
you're cute enough to get away
with anything you wish.
That isn't to say, of course,
:iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 2 5
A Man of Many Names
He began as an infantile
conglomeration of infinite names
Oblivious to the affairs
Of the refugees who, on that fateful day,
Chose to embrace him.
Unfortunately incognisant
Of the lifestyle he'd known previously,
They named him Opportunity.
And through them he learnt organisation:
churches and schools and familial structure,
Small towns, and, as they spread vir'lly, plantations.
Through his adolescence, he watched
Proliferation, expansion, diversification
His instinctive heart dictated resistance,
But he stepped across expansive plains
Following new facts crammed into his head
Trampling what he once knew were flowers,
Regarded instead now as nothing but weeds.
They named him Destiny.
Young adulthood brought a questioning
of his values, once clear
On one shoulder, a cobalt angel
who opposed, on the other, a grey devil,
grey, like spiralling, swirling, stifling smog.
He was called Oppression.
He slowly learned to discern
Injustices, irreparable errors;
gashes he could mend but never igno
:iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 0 0
The Veteran
Tourniquets constricting wounds keep
the lifeblood from flowing through
blue veins; pallid hands cling to blooms
frigid, teal eyes, lost, staring through
the window, they see vivid dreams,
taunting, phantasmagoric scenes
the brain conjures to compensate for
a time it yearns to return
to of bombless blue skies and
airwaves free from propaganda, that
pierces the ears and hearts alike of
children, women, elders, and men
and screeches "War! It's time for war!"
:iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 0 0
The Rock
I've lived my life under a rock;
outside my name is scribed with chalk
borne thus for all to see; however, they never
wish to enter
and likewise,
I never wish to leave.
For after all, the sky's a much more vibrant, brilliant hue of blue
When it is so conveniently obstructed from my view.
:iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 1 0
COOLER THAN YOU by RosyAristocracy COOLER THAN YOU :iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 6 15
Conscientious Ballet
Restless words run rampant
Through my ever waking dreams
Prancing merr'ly 'neath the moonlight
Casting shrouds over its beams.
Turning, whacking, beating, thrashing
A paroxysm of sense
An antebellum call to turn from
Where I'm doomed to run towards hence.
:iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 1 4
Senseless Disillusion
A rock came tumbling down the mountain
Aside the path I travelled by, so
I aimed to pick it up, but its rough edges asked me, "Why?" Saith it, "my
sharpness shall cut your fingers,
please, won't you polish me till I shine?"
"Cuts will heal," thus I responded,
Holding the small rock up high,
So the world could stare in wonder
At this treasure's smoothness, lustre, because
Never for one instant, were its edges ever raw.
:iconrosyaristocracy:RosyAristocracy 2 3
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That's right! It's a side effect of chronic logophilia, I'm afraid. It's contagious, watch oooout!

Though I've got to admit that I rarely post any of my writing anywhere or even show anyone*, so I'm still rather nervous about it. But I figure however "good" my writing may be, I might as well start from somewhere and grow.

*This is largely due to the fact that writing is my way of sorting things out and relieving stress, and it's more for me than anyone else, but this time I did have something that's been on my mind as of late that I thought was worth sharing-- well, one of the poems reflects that. I think it's actually fairly obvious which one, but who knows?-- with the community here, in case it makes any sort of difference for even one person.

With that said, I know most people on dA only seem to care about fanart, but any comments/thoughts/etc. would be very much appreciated. C: T-they're relatively short?

- RA
  • Listening to: Can You Hear Me? by Poets of the Fall
  • Reading: Oscar Wilde and Franz Kafka
  • Watching: Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies. ALL OF THEM.
  • Eating: English muffin with strawberry jam. DELICIOUS.
  • Drinking: Lavender Earl Grey Tea


RosyAristocracy's Profile Picture
United States
I'm an amateur cosplayer, designer, writer, and poet. Occasionally I draw mediocre art, too.

I enjoy fashion and costumes of all sorts, history, literature (classics, especially), words, languages, music in lots of languages that I may or may not be able to speak, cosplay, musicals, theatre, Oscar Wilde, T.E. Lawrence, Friedrich der Große, and many more writers and figures.

Some of my main fandoms include: The Avengers, X-Men, Prince Namor (he's his own fandom. Really) and other Marvel and comic stuff, Hetalia, Elisabeth: das Musical, Inception, BBC Sherlock, and Doctor Who.


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